Friday, February 25, 2011

TONIGHT ONLY: Free Screening of The Unknown and The Haunted in L.A.

Tonight at 7:30PM the UCLA Film and Television Archive Presents a Free Admission double feature of:
(a.k.a. The Ghost of Sierra de Cobre)
(1965) Directed by Joseph Stefano

Martin Landau stars as a Los Angeles-based architect-cum-paranormal investigator who specializes in assessing and exorcising old homes. Stefano here weaves together vengeance, hallucinogens and a “bleeding ghost” in a gothic telefilm that was deemed too frightening to air by network executives. Stefano's only directorial effort, this extremely rare pilot never aired in the U.S.

Producer: Joseph Stefano. Screenplay: Joseph Stefano. Cinematographer: William A. Fraker, Conrad Hall. Editor: Anthony DiMarco. Cast: Martin Landau, Judith Anderson, Diane Baker, Nellie Burt, Tom Simcox. 16mm, b/w, 52 min.

(1964) Directed by Gerd Oswald

With nods to Psycho and Clouzot’s Diabolique, The Unknown unleashes sadism and madness when a wealthy playboy lures two unsuspecting women into a house of horrors. With its nightmarish tone and art-film cinematography, The Unknown pilot was considered too off-beat by ABC and was retooled as an episode of Outer Limits. The original pilot is being screened tonight from a rare 35mm print.
Producer: Joseph Stefano. Screenplay: Joseph Stefano. Cinematographer: Conrad Hall. Editor: Anthony DiMarco. Cast: Vera Miles, Barbara Rush, Sir Cedric Hardwicke, Scott Marlowe, David McCallum. 35mm, B/W, 45 min.

APPEARING IN PERSON: Marilyn Stefano; our very own David J. Schow, author, "The Outer Limits Companion"


  1. Could you guys review it too, at the end of the blog - as the lost episode. I'm just not going to be able to get there...

  2. The Billy Wilder Theatre is in the (famous) Hammer Museum @ Wilshire & Westwood ... 'round the back. No RSVP necessary.

  3. DJS: I'm in the midst of one of the worst colds ever and have actually lost my voice (thank God I'm not doing commentaries!). but somehow, someway, I'm gonna be there. Take care... and I'll try to do the same.

  4. I'm heading to Vancouver as I write this, then tomorrow it's on the plane to L.A. I'm hoping to meet any of you guys and gals who have made it there! I wasn't sure I could go, but I had the chance and ran with it; a once in a lifetime event.

  5. Have a great time you kids who will be there! I'm going to post this on Facebook so in case any of my L.A. friends will make it. Such a great opportunity!

  6. Everyone have a fantastic time at the show tonight! Wish I could be with you---what a marvelous event to coincide with this great blogging community's present involvement!

  7. Obviously a lot of OL people were involved in the making of The Haunted, but did they use DayStar facilities (time-sharing with the production of Incubus?) as their home base? Or did they work out of UA facilities?

    Also, was The Haunted intended to debut in 1964-65 or 1965-66? IIRC, the later was the first big year of (almost-)total color broadcasting, and I can't help wondering if at least part of its' rejection by CBS might have been due to their anticipation of that and the fact that The Haunted doesn't really work w/o B&W.


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