Thursday, November 18, 2010

The rumors are true. Bring on the Bears.

Following our successful run over at A Thriller A Day, Peter and I knew we couldn't just stop dead in our tracks. This time out, we're going to set our sights on one of the most popular of the fantastic television shows of the 60s, The Outer Limits.

We're already hard at work preparing for the official launch of this blog on 1/1/11, so now's the time to pick up the reasonably priced complete series of the original Outer Limits on DVD if you haven't already. Just think what a great Christmas gift it would make, along with the URL to the blog.

Whether you're a long term aficionado of the show (like our Outer Limits companion, David J. Schow, who just happens to be the author of The Outer Limits Companion), someone who has only seen a handful of episodes, or someone yet to experience any of them at all, we hope you'll join us on this 49-episode journey from the inner mind to The Outer Limits.