Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Zanti Mania!

Welcome to Morgue, California! This post contains a cornucopia of Zanti ephemera, but is just a tantalizing taste of today's treats. Don't forget to read our review from earlier this morning, and the remaining posts coming later today. But for starters, it's time to...

As it's a Windows application, we can't vouch for the game itself. The link above is provided for your convenience, however download and install at your own risk. 

From the website:

"On December 30, 1963 - the Earth was invaded by a race known as the Zanti. You are a lowly Airman in the US Air Force with the simple assignment of patrolling the ghost-town of Morgue, California. It is now a secret Air force base with one purpose - to observe the landing of the Zanti race. Unfortunately, meddling trespassers have broken through an outer lying check point and made contact with the Zanti. Seeing this as an act of hostile aggression, the Zanti are now retaliating against the base."

"Equipped with a fully loaded Colt .45 and 2 spare clips, you must aid in the destruction of the Zanti before they can spread their terror outside to the civilian populous. Extra ammo and weapons will be made available as you progress. Unlock game codes to heighten and equip your character."

Game Size: 8MB ZIP File
Resolution: 850 x 640 or [F4] Full Screen
Controls: Mouse
Category: Mini Game - Shooter
Levels: 8

Background on Frank Zappa's "Zanti Serenade:"

It's Zanti Day at We Are Controlling Transmission!

Don't forget to read our review from this morning!

Next up, we're thrilled to have landed a WACT exclusive Zanti Misfits interview—watch for that at 12pm.

And be sure to check back at 2pm for Steve Mitchell's Spotlight on "The Zanti Misfits."

And since we know there's no such thing as too much (too many?) when it comes to the Zanti Misfits, be sure to check out the Flat Zanti homepage RIGHT NOW to get in on the invasion.


  1. Eck! deserves equal treatment! Will there be a "pile of crap with an eyeball" (from Don't Open Till Doomsday) day? Thought nought. All this Zanti coverage is disparate treatment. I, for one, don't get it!

  2. Come, now. The Zantis are cool. It was more than 30 years from the time I first saw their picture in "Famous Monsters of Filmland" magazine to the time when I actually saw them on The Outer Limits (or ANY Outer Limits episodes, for that matter). Those cute little bugs continue to haunt me to this day.

    Oh, and I do love me some Eck, too.

  3. Many of the outer limits episodes could have been made into feature length films. the monsters were just as good as Universals....and that's saying something since Universal is the best there is. Also the fact that after 50 years fans still talk about Zanti misfits and other episodes tells you there is something here

  4. I love how the zantis were just dangling down the building


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