Friday, January 28, 2011

Spotlight Deal on Dominic Frontiere!

Thanks to WACT reader Erik Nelson for pointing out that the 3-Disc Outer Limits soundtrack set from La La Land Records is on sale for the next few days for the ridiculously affordable price of only $9.95!

Grab it before it joins "The Invisibles"...

And don't forget to check out Frontiere's Rat Patrol soundtrack CD while you're there...


  1. Yes, I own it. Does have some newly issued tracks-BUT it canNOT touch the sound quality of That collection was remastered by the one and only Bernie Grundman. Play it back on true audiophile hardware and be sure you're sitting down before awesome the dynamic range bowls you down.

  2. wouldnt say the sound quality of the first OL cd was anything to post all over the internet about like this has done


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