Wednesday, March 9, 2011


by David J. Schow

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this, but Captain Emmet appears to have a very rockin’ SPACE GUN COLLECTION in his Chemosphere pad.

It’s only visible in one shot – when the real Henderson enters Emmet’s.  It’s not visible when the clone does the same thing, earlier.  Henderson (the real one) slumps in a chair that’s right below the frame holding the guns, but we don’t see them in that shot, either, since Gerd Oswald shot Emmet’s interior as an A-B-C arc without reverse angles.

The more astute among you may have already noticed that “The Duplicate Man” takes place this year – 2011.  Or that both Henderson and his clone are wearing Qarlo’s futuristic wristwatch from “Soldier.”

But can anybody ID the guns?  The bottom one is too large to be the “laser pistol” from “The Bellero Shield,” and the top one sure looks like a blaster from Forbidden Planet.  Maybe.  Possibly.

And if this is the world of 2011 … I WANT MY MEGASOID.

And if you wish to see how much more ridiculous Mr. Gasoid became on Bewitched and Lost in Space … go here.


  1. Right you are, David J.---we can't even go down to the museum to ogle one, much less own one of the hostile critters.

    "Mom! I want to go see the new Puudly-Imwarf-Megasoid exhibit!"

    "Not now, dear. I'm on the Picturephone. Go play with your Daily Duplicate---he's only got 'til 7."

    "Aw, mom---he doesn't even remember second-grade stuff yet. Can't I just shoot him NOW?"

    Seems we missed out on a lot of promised development in a half-century.

    Is the story proper taking place in 2011, or is that just when the museum was founded?

  2. There's also this:

    Looks closer to the Empyrean than the Megasoid. A missing link, maybe?

  3. Maybe there really is a Megasoid hiding somewhere. Bigfoot, Men In Black, reptilian creatures inside the Earth? Why not Megasoids? Are they the Empyreans evil, smarter brothers?

  4. Ted --You may know by now, since I'm late to this, but it is possible that the 'year' is 2020 AD or so -- according to the old TVG listings. I found them at the UW Library archives. Wi
    ll have to doublecheck on this.I wish I had my notes on hand here....


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