Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Collecting Ikar!!

For some odd reason, no one volunteered to document the classic that is "The Keeper of the Purple Twilight." In lieu of a spotlight, Outer Limits Museum curator David J. Schow sends along some pics from his private collection. These are all toys inspired by today's hero, Ikar. David's still searching for his life-size Gail Kobe doll. It's here somewhere...

Loosely translated: "No Royalties Paid."

Ikar Hulks Out!
The Christmas present for the girl you love: Ikar in a Box
"Brother Power" Ikar
"Brother Power" Ikar says "Kiss My A** Human!"

Competing Outer Limits hoarder Mark Holcomb writes:
Not long after David and I launched our OL site, an Australian fan sent us the attached postcard ad(vert) for goeureka.com.au (a search engine long since Googled out of existence) featuring a flattering head shot of Ikar. You can count the rings on his neck fat! I knew I was hanging on to this for a reason...


  1. Dude, right now I'm pretty inebriated, to be honest with you. Still, I thought of bringing this up way back when WACT was in it's infancy. I remember buying the little guy (second pic up from the bottom) way back when, in 1985.

    They were sold in two-packs at Walgreen's at the time. As far as I can remember it was the above "Purple Twilight monster," along with the critter from '20 Million Miles To Earth, Ymir?' plus a character in a thong that looked like Man-Bat, and 'The Invasion of the Saucer Men's' monster.

    The last one looked like the Swamp Thing with a light-bulb in his mouth which was based off of an alien from the 1950's movies that the title escapes me....something to do with teenage alien or some other nonsense......

  2. Dudes,

    As long as we're discussing rubber playthings, I've dug out two (YES 2!) still unopened sets of the creatures which UTW describes, and from which the funky IKAR above was extracted.

    I bought the 2 sets at K-Mart in 1980, specifically for the IKAR knock-off. The card on which they're mounted says:

    Toys ~ Pencil Erasers

    Soft, Flexible (watch it there...)
    Non Toxic, Safe

    Made by Diener Industries, Inc.
    Chatworth, CA 91311

    The cheap-o graphics on the card show two aliens, one which looks like a bat-like dude in a thong (as described above), the other like the "I Married a Monster from Outer Space" alien.

    The figures themselves, which are billed as Pencil Erasers, are:

    1.) IKAR,
    2.) a scaly dragon-like thing with big wings that stands on two feet,
    3.) a furry, ape-like beast with one eye and two horns AND
    4.) a lizard-like guy obviously ripped-off from
    Harryhausen's Ymir

    The back of the card shows the company's other sets, including cars, jets, dogs, dinos, etc.

    Gentlemen, what am I bid for these two mint, unopened sets of dinky rubber things?


  3. Larry R.-

    I'm glad you posted this because I was starting to wonder if I was losing my mind.

    Is there anyway we can see a picture of them? I can't believe you actually have the same eraser guys I described in my post. Weird! I loved them as a kid. Not sure what happened to mine. The 'I married a monster from outer space,' was the one I was trying to describe earlier.

    UTW aka Tom McMillion

  4. here's a nice shot of the boys (albeit not minty fresh and in a box like Larry's but...)


  5. Un-fu$%ing-believable! Thanks Peter! And here I wasn't even going to bother mentioning them because I thought I was the only one that would have ever heard of them. I truly have found some kindred spirits on this blog.

    UTW aka Tom McMillion

  6. UTW aka Tom--

    I'll go even further: let's get together in person sometime soon in the western suburbs and I'll GIVE you one of my two unopened sets of these little rubber turds. Why the do I need two of them? (that is, unless they're fetching thousands of $ on E-bay).


  7. Larry R.-

    You strike a hard bargain! Sounds fair to me, you name the place and the time. You're one of the first of this crew that I'd thought I'd meet, considering everyone else is on the East coast. If you are heading towards Chicago anytime soon, let me know......otherwise, one day, I'll make the trek out to Eerie Indiana.

    UTW aka Tom McMillion

  8. This 'opportunity' is likely long past due, but are you still in the market for a 'spotlight'? (For "Keeper"?) I may not offer the best, but I'm willing to try, as this is one of my all time favorites. Nevertheless, I hope some of the luminoids --er, luminaries, on these pages will soon attempt one.

  9. Can't believe there isn't a Spotlight page for this episode, IMHO easily one of the best of the otherwise sad and "bear-impaired" Second Season.

    For shame, for shame!


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