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Your Quick Reference Guide to WACT

Welcome to We Are Controlling Transmission! While we've finished our 49-episode marathon viewing and reviewing an episode of The Outer Limits a day, we hope you'll come along for the ride after the fact and post your comments on the episodes as you make your way through the series. While you can access all of the entries in the Blog Archive in the sidebar, we thought it would be helpful to provide this index with links to each of the episode reviews, spotlights, season and series wrap-ups, all of the interviews we conducted, and the other special features posted.

The We Are Controlling Transmission (WACT) Crew (L-R): Peter Enfantino, David J. Schow, John Scoleri

An Introduction to We Are Controlling Transmission
David J. Schow's Season 1 Primer 
David J. Schow's Season 2 Primer  
Season 1 Wrap Up 
Season 2 and Series Wrap Up

Season 1 Episode Reviews
  1. "The Galaxy Being" Review - Spotlight
  2. "The Borderland" Review - Spotlight
  3. "The Human Factor" Review - Spotlight
  4. "Tourist Attraction" Review 
  5. "The Architects of Fear" Review - Spotlight
  6. "Controlled Experiment" Review 
  7. "The Hundred Days of the Dragon" Review
  8. "The Man with the Power" Review - Spotlight
  9. "A Feasibility Study" Review - Spotlight
  10. "Specimen: Unknown" Review - Spotlight
  11. "The Sixth Finger" Review - Spotlight
  12. "The Man Who Was Never Born" Review - Spotlight
  13. "Moonstone" Review 
  14. "O.B.I.T." Review - Spotlight
  15. "Nightmare" Review - Spotlight
  16. "Corpus Earthling" Review - Spotlight
  17. "The Zanti Misfits" Review - Spotlight
  18. "It Crawled Out of the Woodwork" Review - Spotlight
  19. "The Mice" Review
  20. "The Invisibles" Review - Spotlight
  21. "ZZZZZ" Review - Spotlight
  22. "Don't Open Till Doomsday" Review - Spotlight
  23. "The Bellero Shield" Review - Spotlight
  24. "The Children of Spider County" Review - Spotlight
  25. "The Mutant" Review - Spotlight
  26. "Second Chance" Review - Spotlight
  27. "Fun and Games" Review - Spotlight
  28. "The Guests" Review - Spotlight
  29. "Production and Decay of Strange Particles" Review - Spotlight - Second Spotlight
  30. "The Special One" Review 
  31. "The Chameleon" Review - Spotlight
  32. "The Forms of Things Unknown" Review - Spotlight
Season 2 Episode Reviews
  1. "Cold Hands, Warm Heart" Review - Spotlight
  2. "Soldier" Review - Spotlight
  3. "The Invisible Enemy" Review - Spotlight
  4. "Counterweight" Review - Spotlight
  5. "Behold, Eck!" Review 
  6. "Wolf 359" Review - Spotlight
  7. "Keeper of the Purple Twilight" Review 
  8. "Expanding Human" Review - Spotlight
  9. "Demon with a Glass Hand" Review - Spotlight
  10. "Cry of Silence" Review - Spotlight
  11. "I, Robot" Review 
  12. "The Inheritors – Part 1 and 2" Review - Spotlight
  13. "The Duplicate Man" Review - Spotlight
  14. "The Brain of Colonel Barham" Review - Spotlight
  15. "The Premonition" Review 
  16. "The Probe" Review - Spotlight
Interviews in The Outer Limits Tavern
Additional Special Features

And please be sure to bookmark our next blog, To the Batpoles!, in which we turn our attention to the 1960s Batman.


  1. Thanks John, Peter and David. This will make it a lot quicker to find the right places to comment on. May the force be with you... oh, sorry, wrong thing to say!

  2. Excellent guide to this tremendous site which will continue to be a valuable OL asset to all fans and future discoverers!

  3. I have to agree. You've very neatly organized the contents of the site. It's no surprise that you guys have continued your excellent job of hosting the blog with efficient maintenance.

    I miss the daily exchanges and hope we stay in touch. My best to every kindred spirit who will ever visit this living tribute to THE OUTER LIMITS!

  4. Boys and Girls-

    You ain't seen nuttin' yet!! Stay tuned.

  5. Greetings All:

    This master key goes a long way toward processing ADD dolts – some of whom are friends of mine – who can’t look up from their texts or Tweets long enough to simply CLICK ON something. I envision a wave of “stand-alone website nostalgia.” It’ll happen.

    Being somewhat of an internet dolt myself, there’s a function somewhere via which one can be alerted anytime anyone posts a message to this board. Stay alert.

    We dinosaurs persist in the hope that amidst the fun, an abstract thought might be expressed – something not encompassed by a 140-character limit, if you follow.

    Big Stealth OUTER LIMITS event on 28 APRIL 2011: DJS hosts 16mm screenings of prints with the original commercials and PSAs (ie., the exact hour of television that was broadcast 1963-64)! After “Bellero Shield” and “Zanti Misfits,” it’s Viewer’s Choice for the die-hards. Wish all the WACT faithful could be here!



    The first six episodes in syndication order, on Chiller, August 16th:

    "The Galaxy Being"
    "The Hundred Days of the Dragon"
    "The Architects of Fear"
    "The Man with the Power"
    "The Sixth Finger"
    "The Man Who Was Never Born"

    Be there ...

  7. CHILLER Post-Mortem:

    As expected, Chiller's presentation of the abovementioned OUTER LIMITS episodes was perfunctory. They were cut for time, as well as time-compressed.

    Still, nice to see the "real" OUTER LIMITS in some kind of rotation, however minor. And it looks like they're doing it again on the 29th, with the next seven episodes.

  8. Why is there such a lack of Outer Limits photographic material. As a collector of stills from my favourite tv shows I didn't think there was much from the classic 1960's era of Doctor Who - but compared with TOL there's a plethora of Who photos. What happened were stills destroyed or otherwise lost. I can't believe there are only a handful of colour photos....

  9. Not sure when to post this...found this article about Conrad Halkl and the Outer Limits at the Chicago Sun-Times:

  10. I voted, and I'm rooting for you guys to win the Rondo this year. Even if you aren't arguing over which one of you will get to house the Rondo statue in the next few weeks, WACT is still the best blog of 2011.

  11. Wow nearly twelve months and no reply to my post.....

  12. ...because you aren't part of their "in-crowd" JoGGer! ;)

  13. I wrote the following essay commemorating the 50th Anniversary of The Outer Limits; I hope you all enjoy it!

  14. It's pretty late to be asking this, but with all the complaints about spoiler-y teasers at the beginning of Outer Limits episodes, I thought I'd make my own copy to show to my kids with the spoiler-teasers edited out! My question is: which episodes had spoilers in the teasers? Or, if it's easier: which one's DIDN'T? So far I've found that It Crawled Out of the Woodwork and Hundred Days of the Dragon don't have spoilers; which others (in the first season)?

  15. @ Andy, every episode opened with a spoiler if memory serves me.

  16. Well I rewatched it with the newish KL set and I liked it a bitter this time. 2 3/4 Zantis. The idea is so audacious which makes it it's interesting. It kind of tops Manchurian Candidate in concept if not execution. The face changing reminds me a bit of the Twilight Zone episode with the character who could change his face by thinking. The lead performance is good. I didn't get why those close to the president question his identity so readily. His daughter said it was because he stopped "meddling" in their lives. Hello. Maybe it's because he's pretty busy these days. Also where is the secret service when the VP starts gouging the president's face without any proof. The plot was so dissimilar to the events of the Kennedy assassination that I didn't think it needed to be kept off the air for a year but I understand.


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